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The perfect addition to any party, not only will your friends create memories taking photos, dressing up using all of our awesome props, your guests will be amazed to see themselves in our full-length mirror they can adjust their hair apply some lippy get there pout, pose or smile on before taking the ultimate selfie.The mirror is fully interactive with amazing, funny, cute and silly animations, your guests can touch the mirror to start or use gesture control, where even a smile could start the mirror off, all of your friends can get in the photos that’s right the most we’ve had so far is 21 could your event beat this? You can add a beauty filter I know how bonkers is that, or how about a filter that provides a sketch of the photograph, or maybe black and white or sepia, maybe you want a filter that makes you flawless, are you not sure on a photo and would like to have it retaken yep the mirror does this to, and you can play games on the mirror to, how about tic tac toe, or ping pong, a little bit of competition between friends.

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