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How can the mirror support or help your business or corporation? The mirror is bold, unique, it oozes class, its new, innovative, interactive and appealing to all. With the selfie being the most popular past time it’s not surprising how popular it is.The best thing about the mirror is it can be fully branded right the way from the luggage display box, to the photo overlay, to the background through to the animations on the screen.

So how can it help my business?Subconsciously we have to see or hear about a product 7 times before we remember its name and branding. So what better way than a selfie with all of your products details on the photo in a place where people will see it every day. We all know that photo booths are used by families, friends colleagues, in fact, everyone, so 9/10 its when people are on a day out or having a lovely time. Where does that photo go and the end of the day? Yes, you got it, on the fridge, and where do we go the most during the day The Fridge. The photo is a constant reminder of your business details.


Metixapp is a Beauty app launched in November 2016 by Brother and Sister Jamie and Jenna. The app is aimed at 13-25 year olds giving people the opportunity to shop the looks of their favourite celebrities and bloggers.


To promote the app’s launch, the mirror was used to create brand awareness as well as create a database for ongoing advertising. Once the app had been downloaded people were given the opportunity to use the mirror to have a picture with their friends with the Metixapp background, as you can imagine it went down a storm. The selfie mirror was used at Beauty con Olympia London, Imats Olympia London, and Summer in the City at the Excel in London.

Aspects Beauty

Aspects Beauty contacted us regarding a few projects that they had in mind for the mirror, including their staff Christmas party, so armed with Christmas props we went along to their beautiful manor office in Lewes, where the staff enjoyed the selfie photo mirror and ridiculious props for the evening.


The next project, a training event where the mirror was to be used as a reflection on life and time. The company who employ sales consultants within airports, shopping centres, and stores as well as brand consultants. The event was to train staff on two new fragrances that had been launched by two luxiouriuos brands Missoni and Trussardi.  The brief was to find an array of props that reflected the new fragrances being launched by both Missoni and Trussardi. The brief was Italian, luxurious, wool, scents, leather, and the scents including lavender, jasmine, grapefruit, lemon, as well as reflecting on life. The Mirror provided great fun using props that signified the scents, how the perfume made you feel, where it was from. It was a great way for collegues to think about the fragrances, not only remembering all the vital components of the new perfumes being launched but having fun with colleagues from across the country and sharing ideas to market the new perfume.


The third project a fragrance conference for the staff of The fragrance shop. It was a day for all Fragrance brands including Tom Ford, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Muggler, Ghost, Dolce Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, etc. The stand for Aspects showcased Salvatore Ferragamo. It really created the wow factor with store managers from across the country having the opportunity to not only learn about fragarances, but also have a photo 

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